John Chalfin for Coroner

John Chalfin

Republican Candidate for Hamilton County Coroner

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Meet John Chalfin

John Chalfin has been a resident of Hamilton County since 1984.  He resides in Noblesville with his wife, Ellen (Cage) Chalfin.  The Chalfins have been married nearly 32 years.  They have two sons: Drew (Director of Population Health for Indiana Health Information Exchange), who resides with his wife, Cameran, (Dispatch Editor for the National American Legion Magazine) and their son, Graham, in Fishers.  A son, Jon Chalfin, (deceased 1998) completes the immediate family. Ellen just retired as a speech-language pathologist after 41 years with Noblesville Schools.

John is currently employed by Hamilton County as the Coroner. He has been with the department for 10 1/2 years, having been a deputy coroner for the first seven (7) years.  John was Program Chair of Paramedic Science at Ivy Tech Community College.  Previously, John held numerous positions in business and industry, serving in leadership roles as a Chief Executive Officer of an LLC, Chief Operations Officer, Plant Manager, as well as, Chrysler Plant Engineering Manager and several other key positions with Chrysler Corporation, Amax Corporation, Doehler-Jarvis Corporation and Heartland Diving.  John is a member of the Noblesville Masonic Lodge, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church and the Indiana State Coroners’ Association.  A U.S. Navy Veteran, Petty Officer Chalfin, served during the Viet Nam War, the Pueblo Crisis, and assignments throughout the South Pacific.

Mr. Chalfin has been awarded numerous times for his leadership and management expertise. Serving as Paramedic/Firefighter and EMT, he has provided professional and compassionate care while at Cicero Fire Department and Lawrence Township Fire Department (now merged with Indianapolis Fire Department), having been recognized with awards from both departments.  Under his direction and management, Ivy Tech Community College Paramedic Science Program was recognized and awarded several times at both the state and local level.

John hosted Dr. Dong Minh Shin from South Korea and traveled to Korea at the request of their National Medical Director to institute a training program within the National College System there. Accompanied by Mike Durr, one of his adjunct faculty, they helped formulate a national medical protocol for emergency medicine, including confirmation of death. Check out the details here. On page 2, read the article titled South Korean EMT studies at Ivy Tech and St. Joseph Hospital in Kokomo.

John’s commitment to public service is well demonstrated.  Recently, he has given several talks around the county and interviews on television to create awareness regarding the opiate epidemic.  He has successfully spearheaded an effort to build a county morgue in order to treat our citizens with dignity at the end of their life cycle. He says he became a part of the paramedic field years ago because he simply wanted to do something to help people. As John puts it, "I can’t think of a better way than being a paramedic. There are two times in your life that you really need help. If you’re injured, or when someone in your family passes, I don’t care how schooled you are or how prepared you are, no one is prepared for that. It’s a time of panic. If I can help someone through that period, I feel I’ve really contributed something as a paramedic and in my role as Coroner in Hamilton County. I can help people in either of those situations."

He asks for your support and vote in the general election this November!